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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

10 Days Later...

Well, I (and many others) have survived what is the busiest week of the conference summer. On campus, we usually do weekend conferences- but this week we had a mid-week one as well. So we played Fri-Sun for Catholic Charismatics, Mon-Fri for Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians, and Fri-Sun for the first High School youth conference. It was awesome, and now I'm spending a few days of rest to gear up for the next one.

Some highlights? Bert Ghezzi at the Catholic Charismatic conference, Patty Mansfield at the PDS conference, and working with my good friend Steve Angrisanno at the High School Youth conference. And it's always fun to work with Fr. Larry, who was at two of the three.

I'm excited for the youth conferences- those are the most energetic of the bunch. I got to do a Bob and Bob show this past weekend, too. For those of you not in the know, me and Bob Lesnefsky (a.k.a. Righteous B) do an improvisational comedy show. We started them back four or five years ago, when Bob was white. We got to travel around the country and had a great time. So what happened? Well, Bob got a really busy job in Houston, TX for awhile and that made scheduling so difficult we had to give it up and lost some momentum. Now he's living back in Steubie, so hopefully we'll be able get back to doing an occasional show together.

FYI, his new album is AMAZING. And he's doing great ministry out there. His webpage is phenom, too: Check it out. It will automatically make you hipper, even if you are a nerdy as me.

Speaking of nerdy, for father's day I got a Star Wars t-shirt, a Ultimate Avengers comic book, and a Hank Williams belt buckle. I'm in heaven...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Having a good time praising the Lord...

Yep. There I am, screaming my brains out. This picture was taken from a good friend of mine, Mary, who was a speaker at last weekends conference. I think I posed funny for it, or maybe this is what I actually look like. At this point, who knows?

This last weekend I led worship for 1,000+ Charismatic Catholics. They were really cool. I mean, these cats know how to worship. It was really fun because they have a good sense of humor about them, too. Saturday night they had a healing service- it was amazing! I also got to catch up with some people I hadn't seen in a while.

Tomorrow I start another conference for priests, deacons, and seminarians. That goes all week (M-F). Then on Friday I have the first of 4 high school youth conferences! It is a bit busy, but really awesome. The band I am playing with ROCKS. Here's a fun picture of us all. The conference office wanted a picture of us, so we dressed up in Western apparel (I had some for my bluegrass gigs) and had a great time. Now, those of you who went to the conference might realize that this is not the picture that ended up in the publicity. Why? I think they thought we looked too crazy. Ah, well. What are you gonna do?

Keep us in your prayers this week and weekend. God is doing great things. My wife is going a crazy a bit because I'm so busy I'm not getting things done around the house. The number #1 thing on her list? The 2005 Christmas letter we never sent out because I haven't finished writting it yet. Oops. I figure I have a 6 month window, so if we get it out by June 25, we should be okay. Right?

Oh, in other cool news, I got a song reviewed by TAXI, which is a music A&R company. When you use a company called Disc Makers, you are allowed to send one song in for review. I sent in "My Things Need More Things" from the Nowhere Else to Go CD. You know what they said? "I enjoyed this song immensely (and relate to it way too much)." That was a nice affirmation.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

No, I haven't forgotten...'s just that I've been a bit busy lately. So let me catch up!

Since my last post, my life has gone into warp speed, but it now stablizing. After exams and graduation, I dove into teaching two mini-session classes. Those are intense courses that are taught for three hours each day for three weeks. Teaching two of them meant I was teaching Monday through Friday, 9 AM-12 PM and 1 PM-4 PM. My weekends? Well, the first one I spend in Virginia doing a Jr. High Bash for the diocese of Arlington and visiting my aunt and uncle who live in that area (hello to all!), the second was memorial day weekend which I spend here celebrating my 6 yr. old's birthday with my father-in-law having a surprise visit (a great time), and then classes finished this week in time for the Young Adults Conference which I lead worship for, after practicing every night this week with the band (so this week was 9AM-12PM, 1PM-4PM, and 6PM-9PM band practice). Oh yeah, and my new CD came out last week, so I've had boxes around the house and been doing mailings in between classes and other family stuff.

I kind of feel like I checked out of my regular life for the past few weeks. I'm slowly getting back to emails- sorry to all I've been slow to connect with. Now that the first conference is under the belt and the mini-sessions are over, things won't be so hectic.

Hello to all who were at the young adults conference! That was a blast. The students in my band did awesome- I am very proud of them. I was expecting some first time out bumps, but really didn't hit any- we sounded tight and polished. Praise God! They are a great group to work with. They cover all my mistakes!

Young Adults Conference is one of my favorite conferences because it is small and there is a lot of time to interact with the participants. Friday night is cool because we end early just to hang out with everyone in the student center. I had some folks from Detroit say I looked like Joey Harrington when he has a beard. He used to be the QB for the Lions, but now he is in Miami. When I was younger, people used to say I looked like the guy from Psycho. I'd rather look like the QB.

In other news, I did find time to catch X-Men III: The Last Stand, though I had to see it late night and I probably shouldn't have with all the crazyness going on. My verdict? It was good, but not great. It was very un-imaginative, and the characters were flat. They also killed off some very major people with not much fan-fare, and made other characters look like wimps (like Rogue). And where was Nightcrawler? He was my favorite. They could have really used him to spice up the big final battle scene.

Which, by the way, was also fairly lame. I mean- the main good guy mutants were a young Colossus (who can turn into metal and hit people), Beast (who can jump around and hit people), and Wolverine (who has claws and can hit people). So you can imagine there was a lot of hitting people. The bad guy mutants were for the most part non-descript generics who looks like they benefited from a sale at the tattoo and piercing pagoda. I mean, couldn't they have had Rouge absorb some powers and make it interesting? Nightcrawler BAMPF around like he did at the beginning of X-men 2? They really missed a cool opportunity to make a killer battle.

The biggest problem is that the really cool director of the first two X-men wasn't doing it anymore (Bryan Singer), so they handed it over to the guy who did the Rush Hour movies. Singer chose instead do to Superman Returns- and I am getting pretty excited about that. For me, that's the movie I'm looking most forward to this summer.

The new bluegrass CD is selling great and I'm hearing lots of cool things. I'm also hearing from a few who think I've lost my mind. Well, I didn't expect everyone to like it :) But I'm happy for all those who are giving it a chance.

I'll have more regular updates each weekend after each conference. Thanks to all who signed up on the mailing list this weekend!