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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Conflicting Emotions

I’m not a fan of Obama. I don’t favor his economic policy (on principle, I don’t think anyone should be taxed a higher percentage than another, no matter how much they make), and I am furiously opposed to his pro-choice agenda.

So why was I so moved at the inauguration today? Because I’m an American. The fact that we can have a massive change of power without a shot being fired is amazing. The fact that we have an African American president is inspiring. His story is an example of what America is about- a symbol of hope in a despairing situation, the exact kind of image we need in these trying times.

I think it’s okay to have conflicting emotions. An African-American president is something we should all applaud. And the inauguration of a new president is a celebration, not just of an elected official, but of a country.

But at the end of the day, we are left with a president who thinks that gay marriage is the civil-rights movement of our generation, and wants to increase access and funding to abortion. So our voices must be raised. This, too, is a celebration of democracy.

I and my family will be marching in Washington on Thursday. We will march outside the windows of Obamba’s new house and peacefully protest the destruction of unborn life. I hope you can be there, if not in person then in prayer.

But there needs to be more. On the US Bishop’s webpage is a postcard to send to your elected official. You can find it HERE. You can also find out more about FOCA and other plans to increase abortion in the United States.

I’ll take some pics and post a blog when I get back. Until then, check out this brilliant pro-life commercial that someone linked to me today. May God bless America and all her citizens, born and unborn, at every stage in their life.


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