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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ending a busy month... it the end of July already?

These past two months have been a bit of a whirlwind for the Rice family. The first week of June saw me finish teaching an intense graduate level course in youth ministry, and then roll right into summer conferences. Did 6 conferences in 5 weeks. Then took a two day break to visit some friends in Indiana before I flew off to England to speak at a catechetical conference.

How was England? The conference and the people there were awesome. But I like America (good thing I live here!). And I missed my family.

I came home after about a week, but the next day had a youth conference. Then another weeklong catechetics conference where I gave a keynote, a workshop, and led all the music.

This week is pretty busy, too. I had Monday and Tuesday mostly off, but the Biblical Studies Conference started Wednesday night and ended this morning, but Defending the Faith starts tonight and ends Sunday morning. By then the van will be packed and we'll head off to New Hampshire. I am really looking forward to a vacation with my family!

Adding to my time is the fact we have been interviewing people for a new teaching position in the catechetics department at Franciscan. It is awesome that we are going to get someone, and the candidates are really strong. But they have been day long interviews sandwiched between playing music for conferences... yeah, it's been crazy.

In other news, I'm deep into training for the Chicago Marathon, which is in the first week of October. I ran 12 miles on Monday! That was cool. But it's been hard to make time to run.

Jennie has been having a tough time with this pregnancy. Tougher than any one before it. The doctor kindly told her it's because she's older now than before. With her hightened emotional state, she actually took that pretty well :) But her heart as been acting up, and she's dealing with migranes at least every other day. Keep her in your prayers!

John Francis in on a plane right now to New Hampshire. It's the first time he's flown by himself. He wanted to do something away from the "little kids", and Nana and Pop are excited to spend the weekend with just him.

Finally, next Sunday is the New Loudon Triathalon! Last year, it was the first athletic event I ever did, and I came in second to last. I'm hoping to do a lot better next Sunday! So I'll make sure to post the dramatic results. And I forgot to post a pic of the triathalon I did in May by Buckeye Lake in Ohio. Here's Ron, Scott, and me. All of us teach catechetics at Franciscan, and it was a fun day. Yes, of the three I came in last, but I was happy with my time. The distance was twice as long as my first triathalon, but I did it in the same amount of time! So I'm hoping to do really well next week.

PS. I just got emailed an mp3 of "Behold the Lamb", sung by Josh Blaksley with a chorus of kids for a kids worship CD. It's a happy thing :)