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Thursday, October 12, 2006

School and travels

Life is busy, but good.

Sorry the posts slow up when the school year starts. I don't think much about the web page as I settle into classes. But here are some updates since my last post.

First of all, hello to all those I've had the honor of seeing over the past few weeks. I hung with a great group of NJ college students at Long Island Beach in Sept., and got to lead worship music for the "Going Deeper" weekend just north on Philly. This weekend, I am off to a favorite place of mine: El Paso, TX. It is a joy to travel around the country and get to share the gospel message. But I've been going three weekends in a row now, and my wife is none too pleased. And I'm getting a bit shell shocked from the travel- I'm not even sure what day it is sometimes. But after this weekend I'll have a weekend of (kind of- I'm recording a new song and helping the diocese of Steubenville with a youth rally), so it will be nice not to travel.

I'm writing this blog as a bunch of students are taking a mid-term in an evangelization class I teach here at Franciscan. It is still kind of weird to me to be on the other side of the desk. It is also a great honor, as well as a lot of work. I never realized how much work goes into teaching until I started doing it. I thought they just kind of showed up and gave us work to do in class. Truth is, everybody is pretty busy in college. But we get long breaks, so that is a definate plus.

I ran the "Great Race" in Pittsburgh in September. I'd put a pic up of it but nobody has sent one to me yet. It was a 10K (6.2 miles) and I did it in under an hour, which was the goal. Then I got a cool postcard that told me I averaged a mile for every 9 minutes and 17 seconds. I not only thought the time was cool, but was impressed that I got a postcard saying that.

I ran it with my friend Phil Rook, who was in my first youth group here in Steubenville. By the time we got to the race, he had a horrible cold, and I was nursing a hamstring pull. But we toughed it out and made it through. Though we both were in a lot of pain afterwards.

I'm in the middle of recording "Hand Motions in Heaven" with Chris Padgett. We should finish it next week. Of course, we are recording it at the world famous Innovation Studios, located in the heart of Steubenville, "The Catholic Nashville". It is coming out really well. If you'd like to see the hand motions to it, check out We'll make a crappy video of it and put it on YouTube or something.

We'll also perform it for the first time in Las Vegas. Chris and I will be there for the NFCYM adult conference at the end of November. Should be interesting, we will keep you posted on it.

So classes, travel, recording- it has been pretty busy for me lately. But I still find time to do the important things, like playing the new Lego Star Wars II video game with my kids. Keep our family in our prayers!