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Friday, January 30, 2009

I am beyond tired

Experts say that you the sleep you get at night is actually used for the following morning, so sleep you get on Monday will effect you on Wednesday. That’s why you can pull an all-nighter and feel okay the next day, but the following day you crash. By “experts” I’m referring to the internet, which is always right.

Well, Tuesday night I didn’t sleep because I was at the hospital with John (he’s fine), and thought I slept well last night I’m really feeling it today. My apologies to all my students in my 8AM and 9:30AM classes I just had. Did I make any sense? The fact they broke into occasional laughter makes me worry.

So I’m tired, achy, can’t think straight, and probably in no way should be blogging at this point. But I noticed something this morning that must be dealt with immediately. I’m talking, of course, about my new Star Wars pillow case.

Notice the picture above. Check out Han Solo’s face. I ask you, does that even look like him? And what is under his lip? Was he eating chocolate? He looks like he’s 90 man with a wig.

But even more egregious is this pic of Luke Skywalker:

What is that? He looks like his face has been scarred with fire. I’ve collected all the Star Wars figures, and “Burn Victim Luke Skywalker” was not one of them.

This is ridiculous. I mean, if my kids drew this stuff it would be one thing. But this was purchased at Pottery Barn, licensed through Lucasfilm (Lucas, STOP RUINING MY LIFE!). I can’t fathom how a picture of such poor quality could end up on my pillowcase.

You might argue that I am looking at it too closely, that from afar it looks fine. My answer is IT’S ON MY PILLOWCASE! How can I not but look at it closely? It is the last visage I see before I close my eyes and embrace the blissful sleep where I am a Jedi Knight and travel to planets where women find excessive body hair attractive.

My only thought about Skywalker’s picture is that it might be a nod to the accident Mark Hamill got in between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. He crashed his car and was so disfigured that he needed plastic surgery, hence the added scene in The Empire Strikes Back where he was swiped by the Wampa and needed constructive surgery to explain his different look.

But that seems too nuanced for a pillow case.

And still doesn’t explain Han Solo.

I think I need to go to bed.


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