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Friday, January 06, 2006

Podcast and CD information

Okay, after a few emails I've decided to include "Goin' Home" on the "Best of" CD. I swapped it out with "Denial". I've also changed the album artwork. What do you think about it now? Thanks to all of you for your feedback. It's tough to figure out what are other people's favorite songs.

In other news, I was interviewed on Mike Ofca's podcast- you can get to it by clicking the title to this entry.

Hello to all the folks in AZ I saw right after the New Year! I was speaking at a LIFE TEEN conference, and got a chance to drive out into the desert/wilderness to get some shots for the cover of the new bluegrass CD, coming out by the summer. I'm sure I'll post it in the next few weeks.

Happy New Year!